Bernard Narokobi

Charles Lepani - 00:40:56

Charles Lepani

Charles Lepani discusses the role of the central planning document Papua New Guinea Vision 2050 (Government of PNG, 2009), and the process for setting priorities when he was head of National Planning Office. He discusses the importance of key issues: subsistence sector production, relevance to tradition in business activities, co-operatives and community-based organisations, and decentralisation. He states that the Little Red Book predicted population growth requiring a Population Policy which attracted criticism from the Catholic church.

Michael Somare - 01:09:55

Michael Somare

Michael Somare outlines the formation and three years work of the Constitutional Planning Committee (CPC) and the appointment of John Momis as deputy chair. He discusses the work of John Kaputin, Tony Vourtas, and Barry Holloway. He notes that, unlike Australia, a new framework of laws was needed to be developed to accommodate traditional customs and different ethnic groups and outlines the support he received from Australian legal experts.

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