Charters Towers

Charles Lepani - 00:00:57

Charles Lepani

Charles Lepani discusses his high school education at Charters Towers, Queensland, which he completed in 1966, and becoming part of the second intake in 1967 into the University of Papua New Guinea where he met good friends Rabbie Namaliu, Tony Siaguru, and Mekere Morauta. He discusses the group's growing awareness regarding Independence and well as the sense of political awareness in the first generation of political leaders including Michael Somare, John Guise and his father Lepani Watson.

Josephine Abaijah - 00:01:05

Josephine Abaijah

Josephine Abaijah discusses her first encounters with Australians when she went to Australia when aged 15-16. She states that at Milne Bay she only had Papuan teachers, and sat for a scholarship examination. She recalls that her father was not happy about that but her mother encouraged her. She recalls that she joined a group who all went to schools in Charters Towers, Queensland.

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