political campaign

Ethel Dreda Arek - 00:20:28

Ethel Dreda Arek

Ethel Arek remembers the public service rules. She states that they went from Kerema to Daru and describes the beginning of Paulus Arek's political career and his choice of standing for politics in 1963 in Popondetta and the reasons he lost in the 1964 elections.

Matilda Pilacapio - 00:28:21

Matilda Pilacapio

Matilda Pilacapio recalls that during the 1968 election she voted for John Guise. She describes his leadership style as humble, eating brown rice and bully beef during his campaigning and travelling on the copra boats. She recalls that he would wear a t-shirt and brown khaki half-tone shorts and campaign on the beach. She states that in the house of assembly he would challenge anybody and recalls him taking on Bishop David Hand. She recalled that that Bishop Hand also wore khaki clothes, trying to look more like a patrol officer than a bishop.

Josephine Abaijah - 00:23:00

Josephine Abaijah

Josephine Abaijah states that she built her political platform around three principles - 'For Papua, for your land and for your health and well being', dictated by the people and by the pastors of the Uniting Church who were strong supporters.

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