Reuben Taureka

Charles Lepani - 00:03:05

Charles Lepani

Charles Lepani relates how after going to university in NSW, he received a scholarship from the ACTU to attend the University of PNG through Australian ACTU industrial advocate Bob Hawke who had come to PNG to work with Michael Somare, Reuben Taureka and others in the public service wage case, and Public Service Association executives Paul Munro and Ron Madgwick. The scholarship was for trade unionists, and Lepani relates how he spent time at Bob Hawke's home in Sandringham, Victoria, also meeting Bob Carr, then involved in the NSW Trades Hall Council.

Michael Somare - 01:48:23

Michael Somare

Michael Somare recalls the feelings around the country, including the Papua Besena movement, Josephine Abaijah and separation and the role of Albert Maori Kiki and Reuben Taureka and other Papuans and John Guise to win the hearts of people.

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