South Pacific Games

Matilda Pilacapio - 00:15:52

Matilda Pilacapio

Matilda Pilacapio describes how Burns Philp gave her a house on Samarai Island in 1964 as her wedding present, an unusual thing. She recalls having the day off for her wedding and going cycling and diving. She relates that she named her daughter born on 11 August 1969 Fraulein Silvia, after a German woman Fraulein and after Salitia Pipit a fast runner and competitor in the South Pacific Games.

Josephine Abaijah - 00:08:52

Josephine Abaijah

Josephine Abaijah discusses how she became involved in activism. She recalls her time at the Papuan Medical College and her contact with the Australian medical profession who taught her to stand up for herself as at that time the status of women in PNG was very low. She recalls that while at the Papuan Medical College she represented the country at the South Pacific Games held in Fiji in basketball.

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